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Capacity building for better water management : 5,800 trainees in 2007

 The International Office for Water trains the stakeholders of the water sector, and now of the waste sector, at the National Training Center for Water Professions (CNFME). This center, unique in Europe, has two major assets:
First of all, an exceptional human resource potential without equivalent in the training world. 55 permanent collaborators, including 26 full-time trainers and a maintenance and assistance team implement most of the training programs proposed in a rich catalogue with 275 training topics in the water and waste fields.
The advantage of permanently having such a potential is to guarantee a "memory effect" in the design and evolution of the training courses, i.e. to make them evolve by effectively taking into account the remarks of the clients and recipients of these training courses, but also of past experience, permanent source of ideas.
Secondly, for several decades, the CNFME has acquired a unique know-how to design, build, make evolve and develop technological units directly related to the trainees’ daily work. These units, which can be used for presentations, demonstrations or even for working in real situation, are the result of our trainers’ teaching experience and of very good relations with all the French and European industrial partners.
800m2 entirely dedicated to networks and hydraulics on the site of Limoges, 30,000 m2 of installations centered on drinking water processes, wastewater, industrial water, the building, laying out and control of drinking water supply and sanitation systems, sludge treatment and drying, automation, remote management and maintenance,… without forgetting the laboratory, the analysis and tasting of water.
The quality of this training offer allowed gathering 5,800 trainees in 2007, i.e. a 10% increase as compared to 2006 which was already an exceptional year.
This success is also the result of a rigorous selection of the specialized trainers, who are able, in addition to their widely recognized technical abilities, to transmit their knowledge thanks to their educational skills and who supplement our permanent team.
The National Training Center for Water Professions proposes modules and "professional training programs", allowing the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for serenely fulfilling the duties of an operator exploiting a system, a river technician, the manager or department head of water syndicates or subcontractor companies, or even the engineer of a consulting firm or the person in charge of the environment in industry, etc.
For a public or private company, professional training is a real investment: for this purpose the National Training Center for Water Professions developed, in 2006 and 2007, a tool allowing the measurement of the training-related acquisition.
The CNFME would not be entirely "professional" without the capacity to advise a community or a company in the choice of the best suited training program(s).
ISO 9000 certified, version 2000, and entirely computerized for registration, convening and invoicing, the CNFME makes all its logistics easy and reliable.
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