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Updating the national technical standards for studies and construction in the field of water and sanitation

Nom du client/bénéficiaire: 
Ministry of Public Works and Transports
Date de démarrage: 
avril, 2011
Date d'achèvement: 
février, 2013
FASEP, France
Nom des consultants associés/partenaires éventuels: 
SAUR International
Descriptif du projet: 

Albania significantly needs to renovate and develop its water and sanitation infrastructures. The works undertaken so far have been made by international companies and funded by international development agencies programmes or loans.

Due to the priority of the current standards for studies and construction dated 1974 for the water and sanitation sector, the rules of art which are dictated are outdated and inadequate. As a result, the international consultancy and construction companies working on infrastructure projects have been using their national standards for performing the work in Albania.

The project implemented by IOWater and SAUR consisted in updating the technical requirements for studies and construction in the water and sanitation sector, for the Ministry of Public Works and Transports.

The objective was to prepare standards compatible with European standards to which they refer, and adapted to the Albanian context.

Descriptif des services rendus par l'OIEau: 

The team of experts has prepared a series of booklets and technical sheets which were discussed with professional stakeholders before being approved by the Steering Committee.

The resulting standards were organized in 8 booklets under the following items:

Book 1: Trenches and earth moving work;
Book 2: Pumping;
Book 3: Drinking water production;
Book 4: Reservoirs;
Book 5: Drinking water supply systems;
Book 6: Sewer networks;
Book 7: Wastewater treatment;
Book 8: On-site sanitation and septage treatment.

All documentation was translated in the Albanian language.


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