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SEMIDE/EMWIS: SAID (SmArt water management with Integrated Decision support system)

Titre long: 
SmArt water management with Integrated Decision support system
Nom du client/bénéficiaire: 
European Commission (DG Research - FP7)
Date de démarrage: 
janvier, 2014
Date d'achèvement: 
décembre, 2016
Union Européenne
Nom des consultants associés/partenaires éventuels: 
Consortium members: Abeinsa BD (ES) Coordinator, LESSWIRE (DE), SOFTCRITS (ES), Simbiente (PT), Addition Projectos e Servicos de Informatica (PT), Ubiwhere (PT), UNIVERSIDAD DE MALAGA (ES), IHP GMBH (DE), UT SEMIDE (FR), CMAyOT (ES), ABENGOA WATER (ES)
Descriptif du projet: 

The essential and complicated interactions between societies and water resources force many countries to seek for an efficient water resource management.  New tools are necessary to build resiliency and to address the impacts of climate change in the water sector.

Sufficient knowledge of water availability in terms of quantity and quality as well as the water demand and related risks is crucial to achieve an optimal management of water infrastructure.

The European research project SAID combines the most innovative software and telecommunication solutions into a single platform for an integrated management of dam infrastructures taking into account the behavior of the overall watershed.

SAID project has demonstrated its solution in Guadalhorce river basin located in South of Spain, North-East of Malaga.  SAID web platform integrates innovative decision support systems for dam operational management, to:

  • Limit flood risks, 
  • Ensure water quality on all the river basin and
  • Improve energy production

In addition to the integrated DSS, an innovative sensors network (low consumption) has been deployed on strategic points of the river basin to monitor water quality and quantity.


Descriptif des services rendus par l'OIEau: 

SEMIDE was the communication and dissemination manager and delivered:

* Dissemination and communication plan

* organisation of workshops for user uptakes and training

* Animation of website and social media

* Production of promotional material (brochures, posters)

* short video for results presentation


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