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MAROC - Training and skills upgrading program (PFP) in waste water sector

Nom du client/bénéficiaire: 
National Office for Drinking Water Supply (ONEP)
Date de démarrage: 
mars, 2006
Date d'achèvement: 
mars, 2006
Descriptif du projet: 

ONEP (National Office for Drinking Water Supply) provides its 7,000 employees with continuing training of high quality: 21,000 training days per year in the field of drinkable water.

But ONEP has been assigned by government with a new priority: wastewater (treatment and networks). For that reason and because many wastewater plants and networks have been erected since the last years, KFW, German financing organization, behind many projects, has proposed a training and skills upgrading program

Descriptif des services rendus par l'OIEau: 

1° IOWater has realised the audit of ONEP organization in waste water sector and designed and proposed a training master plan for 2007-2010.

2° IOWater has trained trainers, technician, engineers and managers in France during training sessions related to :

  • waste water treatment plants design and operation,
  • sludge treatment and becoming
  • waste water network design and operation.


3° IOWater has trained trainers, technician, engineers and managers in Morocco during training sessions and workshops related to :

  • cleaning of anaerobic lagoons
  • management of subcontractors in waste water sector
  • project management in waste water sector
  • modelisation of waste water networks
  • operation and maintenance of pumping station in waste water sector



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