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MAROC - SGI - Sewerage project of the Sebou basin - update of the procedures for operation

Nom du client/bénéficiaire: 
Date de démarrage: 
juin, 2012
Date d'achèvement: 
juin, 2012
Descriptif du projet: 

Within the framework of the case of the sewerage of the basin of Sebou in Morocco for the ONEP, SGI Consulting limited company is a holder of the market and has for mandate to realize an action named EX4-13: update of the procedures of operation.

SGI Consulting limited company right now elaborated and put back to the ONEP manual workers and procedures of operation.

THE ONEP and SGI Consulting ask now from on for experts in intervention in water-treatment plant and sewer systems to make checks, possible modifications and presentation of these documents. This mission was confided to the IOWater.


Descriptif des services rendus par l'OIEau: 

1 ° Apprehension and global analysis in France of the existing documents (water-treatment plant and sewer systems) and preparation of the meeting 1 for the ONEP (meeting of starting up of the action.

2 ° The meeting 1 at Rabat to take into account the context and the waiting of the ONEP and to see again jointly (ONEP / SGI Consulting/ 2 experts of IOWater) the axes of update of the manual workers of operation existing sewer system and water-treatment plants.

3 ° further to this meeting 1, updated in France of manual workers by taking into account the comments of the meeting 1 and broadcast of the new temporary version.

4 ° The meeting at Rabat to present manual workers, procedures and data sheets in temporary version (ONEP / SGI Consulting limited company / 2 experts IOWater).

5 ° Updated by manual workers in France by taking into account the comments of the meeting 2 and broadcast of the definitive version in soft copy.



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