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Improvement of the SIIF toolbox, link to INSPIRE Directive and installation in pilot member states (SIIF 3)

Titre long: 
Expanding the UWWTD-SIIF via: Improvement of the SIIF IT toolbox, Extension of the UWWTD-SIIF approach to 2 new Member States, Extension to the Drinking Water and Bathing Water Directive
République tchèque
Précisions sur la localisation: 
28 European countries
Nom du client/bénéficiaire: 
European Commission, DG Environment
Date de démarrage: 
janvier, 2015
Date d'achèvement: 
janvier, 2016
Union Européenne
Nom des consultants associés/partenaires éventuels: 
UBA Austria
Descriptif du projet: 

This project is based on the activities towards the development of the open source toolbox of the previous service request whose aim was to have pilot national UWWTD SIIF websites for three Member States (MS) available.

The IT toolbox combines a set of open source software to manage the data, present and treat it to satisfy the UWWTD SIIF requirements, and can be provided as an integrated system in which all or only a small part of the functions are used. The tool was developed in an interoperable approach, providing visualisation of the compliance situation in the country and respecting the key principles of the SIIF. The present contract aims at improving the functionalities of the toolbox to provide Member States with an even easier to use tool including more functionalities for the different groups of users from citizens and water stakeholders to water managers and authorities. The present contract covers particularly improvement of web user access and reaching compliance with the INSPIRE Directive.

With a specific support planned for an additional group of four MS, and to a wider audience in case they want to use, it can be expected that more and more MS will go in the direction of a UWWTD SIIF system, allowing for a big improvement in the availability and use of information on urban waste water treatment. The communication of the results to all MS applying the UWWTD will also allow demonstrating the feasibility of implementing a national SIIF platform at reasonable costs. It may even be expected that a community of users may emerge and provide questions and suggestions for improvements. And as the 9th UWWTD reporting exercise is planned to be started at the end of 2015, it will also be a good opportunity to use the system for this purpose.

Therefore the key objectives of this service request can be summarised as follows:

  • Make the UWWTD SIIF platform an improved and EU validated system, freely available to all MS for implementing a UWWTD SIIF,
  • Support seven MS in the UWWTD SIIF platform implementation phase, of which three MS for upgrade of the system implemented in 2014,
  • Support seven MS in using the platform to conduct the 9th UWWTD reporting exercise.

Reference: contract n°07.0201/2014/SFRA/698614/ENV.C.2 under framework contract n°ENV.D.2/FRA/0013

Descriptif des services rendus par l'OIEau: 

The improvement of the toolbox could be distributed in four areas of work as follows:

  • Specification of the perimeter and the structure of the UWWTD data including ability to view sub-national datasets. The latest UWWTD data structure has been implemented and a revised QA/QC process was added in order to improve the qualification of datasets.
  • Specification of the modification of the toolbox website in order to add new functionalities to general and water professional audience for statistic purpose, retrieve information from the website and to protect the data gathered and made available from unwanted modifications by intruders.
  • Specification of the modification of both the website and the web services modules in order to reach the compliance with Article 11 of the INSPIRE Directive.
  • Development of the entire toolbox using the above specification documents.

The extension to new Member States was implemented in a first step on OIEau server. Three pilot Member States had a SIIF toolbox implemented in the previous contract and their toolbox was updated with the improvements developed during the current contract. In addition three new pilot Member States agreed to test the toolbox. To this end, the toolbox was intsalled on OIEau server, their data were imported and all settings were adjusted, then a country visit allowed test a complete installation in the Member State IT infrastructure. The lessons learnt allowed develop more targeted installation documentation, adjust the settings of the toolbox so that it can work for small or large countries and with different IT infrastructures.

Finally, the platform was used to support some Member States in the UWWTD data collection exercise.

The UWWTD SIIF toolbox was greatly improved and extended during this contract. It was presented at the 2016 Inspire conference and at an Open Geospatial Consortium exhibit. Some key elements are presented in a short video. It received an OGC award and was winner of the geospatial policy implementation excellence award 2017.



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