Showcasing ecological engineering case studies

This document gathers the factsheets produced as part of a work to showcase ecological engineering case studies.
More specifically, this work aimed to gather new case studies in Europe and at international level and to promote them. These case studies will in particular feed French and international actors, in terms of ecological engineering implementation, from a technical (dimensioning, materials, etc.) and operational point of view (project leaders, strengths and weaknesses, difficulties encountered, etc.).
Each factsheet details a particular project with specific objectives. They were prepared in interaction with the project leaders and with the technical support of the French Ecological Engineering Resource Centre. Special attention has been paid to collect the most detailed technical and scientific information available on each project.
To select the projects, the following definition of ecological engineering was chosen: ecological engineering is defined as all actions by and / or for the living included in an engineering project. (A-Igeco).

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