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6 OUR VALUES OiEau is a non-profit and State-approved asso- ciation. The people’s general interest is at the core of its practices, regardless of the type of activity carried out or partnership established. In 2019, all employees reaffirmed the common values that drive us. OUR FIELDS OF EXPERTISE - IN FRANCE AND WORLDWIDE - The favored values by order of importance*: 1 General interest & Public utility. 2 I ndependence & Neutrality from private interests. 3 Innovation & Performance. 4 P ride in implementing skills. 5 P rotection of the Environment and Biodiversity. 6 S ense of knowledge sharing & networking. 7 P articipatory water management for inclusion of all stakeholders. 8 Interculturality & Openness to others. * Survey conducted from 06/25 to 07/05/2019. OUR MISSIONS OiEau covers small and large water cycles. It puts its technical, operational, institutional, legal and strategic expertise at the service of all water stakeholders. And this, at all levels, from a local authority up to national and transboundary policies. In thefield ofWater and related activities, OiEau aims to: • Facilitate exchanges between decision makers, desi- gners, managers, industrialists, trainers, researchers and users concerned, to better face their problems together, coordinate their actions and disseminate their information. • Develop skills and partnerships between French and foreign public and private organizations. • Carry out projects and programs of common and collective interest to better meet the demands and needs of the International Water Community. OiEau carries out its missions: • Worldwide , as part of cooperation projects on the diffe- rent continents. • In Europe , to promote a concerted approach to the management of water resources and aquatic environ- ments, on a continental scale. • In France , to strengthen and multiply the actions of various public and private stakeholders in the sector. Continuing training for water and environmental professionals. Use of water-related knowledge & information systems. Technical and institutional support – Cooperation. Networking of water stakeholders.