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5 GENERAL DIRECTORATE 5 people - Paris SUPPORT – INSTITUTIONAL & TECHNICAL COOPERATION DEPARTMENT 36 people Sophia Antipolis & Limoges DATA, KNOWLEDGE ENHANCEMENT & INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT Standardization - Tool - Processing - Digital Infrastructure - Information 22 people Limoges TRAINING & EDUCATIONAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Design and implementation of training courses - Studies - Laboratory - Digitization of training - Technical services 50 people including 35 permanent trainers Limoges & La Souterraine COMMERCIAL - MARKETING - COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT 13 people Limoges & Paris GENERAL SECRETARIAT HRD - Finance - Management control - Quality - Safety - Environment - Legal 10 people Limoges ORGANIZATIONOF THE TEAMS OiEau IN BRIEF CREATION The International Office for Water was established in 1991. It was born from the merger of 3 organizations: the Water Institute or Water Foundation (Limoges); the International Training Center for Water Resource Management (Sophia Antipolis) and the French Association for the Study of Water (Paris). FUNCTIONING OF BODIES In accordance with the modification of the statutes, the board of directors is now composed of 24 members, instead of 28 members previously. It includes different types of structures: full members who are public entities of reference in the field of water and biodiversity (e.g. water agencies, local authorities, etc.), economic actors involved in the management or use of water resources, international organisations, associations and French public operators competent in biodiversity and water resource management. Representatives of French minis- tries (Foreign and European Affairs, Agriculture, Foreign Trade, Ecological Transition, Industry, Health) may also attend board meetings. In 2020, the Board of Directors met on 30 June and 15 December, and convened two ordinary general meetings on the same dates. The President , Mr. Pascal BERTEAUD, represents the Association in all acts of civil life. The Managing director , Mr. Eric TARDIEU, was appointed by the Board of Directors on 1 st July 2017. MAIN OBJECTIVE Development of skills for better water management in France, Europe and around the world. STATUTE Non-profit association. Recognised of public utility, by Decree of 13 September 1991, with renewal on 16 Sep- tember 2020. The modification of OiEau's statutes in 2020 in particular aimed at widening our statutory object to the fields of to the fields of aquatic environments, biodiversity, the environment and the circular economy. Previously, only the field of water was covered in Article 1. WORKFORCE & LOCATIONS Nearly 140 employees spread over 4 locations in France. 45,000m 2 of educational units in Limoges and La Souter- raine (France).