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0110 1010 8 K nowledge, the management of resources and public services, the coherence of policies and their adaptation to changes in the world rely heavily on the ability to collect, process, enhance and share data and infor- mation. Data interoperability and open access to information are the challenges of today and tomorrow. They accompany the evolution of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) which is, and must be, intrinsically open to all social, political, economic and, of course, environmental sectors. OiEau is a unique and historical actor in the management of data and information on water, biodiversity and associated public and private services. Indeed, the diversity of the expertise held by our teams offers a crossroads of skills between the technical, scientific and statistical aspects, and the capacities for designing, developing, hosting and managing information and documentation systems. These systems that we design can then be applied to any geographical scale and cross multiple envi- ronmental themes. In France, OiEau collects data on water with the aim of improving shared knowledge of the environment, the impact of pressures on the environments, pollution, resource sharing, climate change, etc. We run the technical secretariat of the National Administration Service for Water Data and Reference Frameworks (Sandre - see p. 9), ensuring the technical and semantic inte- roperability of the French Water Information System (WIS). Within the framework of our monitoring and strategic analysis activities, we also provide European stakeholders with our expertise in the implementation of the EU water policy. We ensure the links between national information and reporting systems and European obliga- tions, such as the INSPIRE Directive, the Euro- pean Water Information System (WISE), etc. These skills are recognised in France and in Europe and are also recognised in many other countries around the world. We operate to design water data repositories, develop observatories, and strengthen information sharing within a country, a region, or a large transboundary river basin. DATA & INFORMATION SYSTEMS © BD TOPAGE