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28 T he management of water, in sufficient quality and quantity, and the preservation of the environment need to be approached from multiple dimensions, whether political, economic, technical or societal... Responses to the problems encountered require the development of a global strategy, including institutional, regulatory and financial aspects, in order to provide responses adapted to the specificities of each territory. The implementation of solutions implies the use of different stages, notably: • the setting up of an institutional framework, which is implemented in an operational manner on the ground; • management plans, to set the objectives to be achieved at different scales, from local to basin level • the identification and networking of stakeholders, to establish a dialogue and enable the exchange of good practices; • the development of information systems to monitor the state of the resource and progress towards improving the situation • the search for sustainable funding, to guarantee a long-term policy, which is necessary to take into account the challenges of climate change and the preservation of biodiversity; • the transmission of knowledge and professional behaviour. CROSS-SECTORAL PROJECTS © OiEau OiEau is able to assist a country, an institution or a territory with the implementation of all or part of these steps, thanks to its experience acquired for 30 years, on 4 continents, at various territorial scales, from local to national, including transboun- dary basins.