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18 O iEau's expertise it covers the entire water and, more widely, environment sector. From technical and technological fields to the design of data repositories, through innovation projects, stakeholder consultation, or the implementation of the best water governance models, our staff is involved in many support actions for the sectoral stakeholders, in France and worldwide. The independence of our structure, our values of commitment to our clients and partners, and the diverse but complementary skills we offer, enable us to provide global support for the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) policies, to increase the capacities of water, sanitation and waste operators, and to structure the sharing of data and knowledge at local and international levels. These support missions are more and more often implemented through multi-year and cross-cutting actions. They allow acting in the medium and long term, which is essential for taking into account the stakes of climate change and biodiversity preservation, by integrating the incompressible time for accompanying change and capacity building. OiEau is also mobilized in more specific situations, requiring, for example, diagnoses of malfunctions, assistance with the restarting of a treatment plant; emergency training of executives or technicians; assistance with public or private project ownership, etc. This expertise or support activity is widely recognised. Each year, more than 220 expertise assignments are carried out for stakeholders who rely on OiEau to guide them, in complete independence, towards the best management, the best techniques, the best information sharing and analysis... Whether they are ministries or national operators, private companies, public utilities, local authorities, suppliers or industrialists, consulting firms, etc., our customers and partners all par- ticipate in OiEau's growth, in the national and international recognition of our skills and values. TECHNICAL AND INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT © OiEau