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12 F or more than 40 years, OiEau's trainers have been designing, developing and validating teaching methods that are used on a daily basis. This experience made it possible to design and produce tools and operational technical installations on a full-scale platform, aimed at recreating a teaching environment close to the real working conditions of the learners. Today, our 35 permanent trainers provide 6,000 water professionals each year with objective educational content that is independent of commercial interests. With 43,000 m 2 of teaching platforms, the technical training courses make the learners' professional practices and gestures more reliable. Catalogue training allows rich and varied experience to be shared with participants from different institutions. Tailor-made training is provided on our sites or at the client's premises, in France and abroad. OiEau's offer has expanded with the development of digitisation, with the aim of maintaining quality training, both from the catalogue and tailor-made. Thus, distance learning, virtual courses and classes, or mixed synchronous and asynchronous training provide unequalled flexibility, to meet every skill management need. OiEau also studies, designs and implements training plans for long-term and structured actions, coupled if necessary with technical support, in order to offer real global and customised solutions that can be implemented over time. TRAINING © OiEau © OiEau