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Restoration of coastal wetlands and seagrass meadows

Mercredi, avril 15, 2020 - Vendredi, avril 17, 2020
Lieu de l'événement: 
Cádiz, Spain

Training workshop

“Blue Carbon” is the carbon absorbed and stored by marine and coastal and marine ecosystems like wetlands marshes, mangroves and seagrass meadows. The capacity of these natural ecosystems, makes them large natural carbon sinks.

This three-day workshop, is designed for environmental consultants, technicians and environmental  managers of private and public enterprises, protected areas, organizations and municipalities, interested in coastal ecosystem restoration. The objective is to develop the capacity of participants in different actions, which besides restoring and protecting these important ecosystems, serve to capture CO2, therefore helping to mitigate global environmental climate change.

Guest speakers from Spain, Italy and Holland working on new approaches to rehabilitate seagrass and coastal marshes will bring their expertise to this workshop. We will explore the central theme of restauration of coastal wetlands and seagrass meadows as management tools by guiding participants through the planning, design, development, and maintenance of these ecosystems.

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