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L'eau souterraine, clé des objectifs du développement durable

Mercredi, mai 18, 2022 - Vendredi, mai 20, 2022
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Ambition of the conference

To constitute a meeting point to favor exchanges between the different national and international stakeholders in the fields of water and sustainable development:

  • decision-makers, from the international level to local authorities, like Water Agencies, basin authorities and local structures for management and protection of groundwater;
  • funding agencies and donors;
  • NGOs, civil society, local communities, farmers, water and sanitation companies, industries;
  • groundwater resource specialists: scientists, national and local authorities, planning authorities, engineering firms and consultants...


Main objectives

  • To examine the overall relationships between water-related SDGs targets, their stakeholders and groundwater
  • To share knowledge, experiences, findings and good practices on GWR in sustainable development trajectories
  • To elaborate recommendations to ensure the best integration of groundwater resources into the SDGs.

Onglets principaux