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International Workshop on Water and Agriculture in the Danube River Basin

Mercredi, novembre 6, 2019 - Jeudi, novembre 7, 2019
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The workshop is co-organised by the ICPDR together with the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and the Danube Strategy Priority Area 4 and hosted by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture.

The main objective of the workshop is to bring together experts and stakeholders from the water and agriculture sectors to discuss the needs and challenges of both sectors, to share ideas and thoughts on better alignment of the two sectorial policies, exchange good examples and experiences on sustainable agricultural practices and provide input for the finalisation of guidance document.

The workshop will particularly focus on three pillars:

  • Aligning water and agricultural policies in favourable and less favourable areas;
  • Best management practices to mitigate nutrient pollution and water scarcity/droughts;
  • Fostering innovation, knowledge transfer and smart advisory services.

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