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Conference on Water Governance in MENA and wider Mediterranean region

Mardi, décembre 12, 2017 - Jeudi, décembre 14, 2017
Lieu de l'événement: 


The Conference’s central aim is to tangibly contribute towards overcoming challenges relating to Water Governance & Financing as well as Water Integrity in the MENA region.


The Conference will bring together for 3 days targeted MENA and Mediterranean stakeholders from within and outside the water sector, including public authorities, civil society, donors and the private sector, with the overall purpose of:

  • sharing and further disseminating, insights, tools, lessons-learned and best practices on good governance and financing experiences and with respect to water integrity risk management,
  • contributing to the development of the UfM Water Agenda, in particular to the governance and financing horizontal component and the role of integrity,
  • advocating among political leadership to continue and enhance support to the enforcement of good governance practices, and
  • providing key elements for proper understanding, definition and implementation of green financing and bankability


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