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Asia Water Forum 2018: Information, Innovation, and Technology

Mardi, octobre 2, 2018 - Jeudi, octobre 4, 2018
Lieu de l'événement: 
Manila, Philippines


The magnitude of the challenge to water means there is need to embrace change and to actively seek out new and better ways to tackle short and medium-term issues.  Fortunately, there is scope to be innovative in water policy, in water governance, in technical processes, in financing, in applying technology and in information systems to deliver service benefits and water security to urban and rural dwellers, industry, commerce and farmers. Already there are public and private sector organizations that offer or are early adopters of new technologies, leaders in the provision of urban, rural water and sanitation services, experts in securing water quality and smarter users of water for energy and food. There is need to learn from them.

The AWF 2018 provides a platform and venue for sharing knowledge and experience on water information, innovation, and technology across the region. AWF 2018 aims to discuss ways to identify and adopt innovations that best address the requirements for a water-secure Asia Pacific region, and to keep the profile of water high on the region’s development agenda. The increased knowledge and application of international best practices as well as continued development and use of information systems, remote sensing, enhanced control systems, and other advanced technology is expected to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of ADB-financed projects in developing member countries; thus improving the management of water, delivery of water services and status of water security across the region.


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