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2nd Water JPI Conférence : Emerging Pollutants in Freshwater Ecosystems

Mercredi, juin 6, 2018 - Jeudi, juin 7, 2018
Lieu de l'événement: 
Helsinki (Finlande)


The aim of the international conference is to attract some 200 experts in emerging pollutants to meet and discuss common challenges and share their recent discoveries and knowledge. The conference is targeted at both researchers and end-users, especially policy-makers. Come and contribute towards reaching our common goal of developing safe water systems for citizens.

Millions of Europeans receive high-quality drinking water every day. However, the provision of safe water for drinking purposes is threatened by, for instance, the improper disposal of chemicals, animal and human waste, pesticides, emerging pollutants and emerging risks from “established” pollutants, aged water supply infrastructures, sub-optimal water management, and natural hazards.

By bringing together stakeholders from research and industry as well as policy-makers and relevant organisations, the conference contributes to filling knowledge gaps regarding the environmental behaviour of pollutants and their effects on human health. Specific topics to be covered include development of analysis and detection systems, water treatment opportunities, impacts of wastewater reuse on human health, new water management practices and risk predictions.




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