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WATERDOC, the international documentation portal on water

WATERDOC offers a wide variety of services:
- Access to the IOWater documentary base: nearly 254,000 references and full text documents, 60 % of which are in English.
- Tailored services on all kinds of water issues (non-point source pollution, agriculture, aquatic environments, technologies, regulations, socio-economics, etc.) for watch solutions and informational research, drafting of customized documentary records and writing of summaries.
- A flagship product: ”The IOWater technical summaries”, initiated in 1997 with AgroParisTech ENGREF (National School of Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry). The collection has now more than 180 titles.
  • Seven new titles were published in 2013:
  • Critical analysis of management strategies and mobilization of water resources to adapt to climate change.
  • Integrated management of coastal waters: Which French strategy?
  • Role of Hydromorphology in achieving "Good Status".
  • Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy for 2014-2020 and Water Management.
  • Public procurement in the management of water supply and sanitation services in France.
  • Feedback on biogas recovery - technical and regulatory constraints.
  • Sustainable Cities


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