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Water PiPP Facilitating innovation in public procurement

In the European Union, public procurement is an important booster for companies that innovate in the areas of water and climate change.
Since the publication of the new Directive 2014/25/EU on procurement by entities operating in the sectors of water, energy, transport and postal services, ”innovation partnerships” are future solutions for the promotion of Research, Development and Innovation (R&DI).
The International Office for Water is coordinating the European Water PIPP (Public Innovation Procurement Policies) Project and actively participates in the European Water Innovation Policy (EIP Water).
The Water PIPP project aims to explore new methods for awarding public procurement in Europe, focusing on innovation in the field of water, and test the identified best practices to overcome barriers to the commercialization of R&DI.
According to this objective, the Water PIPP project achieved an assessment and developed a preliminary strategy to promote public procurement, focusing on innovation, and transfer the best practices observed.
With these preliminary results, some recommendations will be submitted to the European Commission.
Five thematic working groups, involving cities, public operators, regions, industrialists, water authorities, were gathered to share their experiences and validate the recom - mendations issued after the assessment was completed.
The next step of the project is to contribute to pilot public procurements in order to test the new methods, identified and validated in the previous phases.
All project activities will be promoted by the development of a collaborative platform to impulse meetings between buyers, providers of innovative solutions and stakeholders.
The Water PIPP project will propose virtual training sessions on public procurement applied to innovation.
Project duration: 3 years (2014-2016)
Donor: European Commission
Coordinateur : 
International Office for Water
Partners: Central Agency for Public Procurement
of the Lombardy Region (ARCA),
University of Zaragoza, ICLEI, the Region of
Puglia, VTT, Deltares, The European House
- Ambrosetti, WssTP, Aqua Publica Europea,
KTN and the City of Rotterdam.

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