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Water Company of Guinea (SEG): development of a new GIS

As part of the support provided by the Water Syndicate of Ile-de-France (SEDIF) to the Water Company of Guinea (SEG) under Decentralized Cooperation, ”SEDIF” entrusted IOWater with a mission to support the establishment of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to improve the management of structures.
“SEG” had a map of its networks, but it was not complete and did not offer the functionality of a GIS.
IOWater carried out a mission to develop a GIS on a QGIS base for the Conakry and Kindia area.
The mission allowed georeferencing plans, preparing the background of quality plans and converting existing data files and integrating them into the database of the new GIS.
Most part of the assignment was used for the training of the GIS cell staff and the development of new working procedures.  

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