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Vietnam : Towards the implementation of the new water policy

The development of the second phase (2013-2015) of the Dong Nai project, initiated by IOWater with the support of the Loire-Brittany Water Agency, has continued cooperation with the Vietnamese Authorities.
This Phase 2 focused on the training of stakeholders involved in sustainable water resources management and supported partners to build strong institutional and legal bases for the development of Integrated Water Resources Management in Vietnamese Basins.
A circular, dealing with the water resources planning method, was drafted by DWRM (Department of Water Resources Management) of the Ministry and NAWAPI (National Center for Water Resources Planning & Investigation).
It specifies the nature of basin planning and the strategy for the development of 10-year plans with revision every five years, jointly with the Socioeconomic Plan of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.
The new legislative context involves the drafting of River Basin Management Plans in 3 large areas of northern, central and southern Vietnam.
Eleven priority Basin Plans should be developed by 2020, including the Dong Nai.
This action should be accompanied by the strengthening and structuring of regional teams for water resources management. These teams have younger and proficient staffs.
A training session on "Water Resources Planning: Processes and Practices" was organized for them in October 2015 in Hanoi as part of VACI (Vietnam wAter Cooperation Initiative). At the end of this 2-day training program, IOWater handed a training certificate to the 60 participants attesting the acquisition of specific skills in water resources planning.

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