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The SIIF ERU platform introduced during the 2016 Conference on INSPIRE

The European Directive 2007/2 / CE of 14 March 2007, called INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe), aims to establish an infrastructure of geographic information to support the environmental protection. This is to overcome the problems of availability, quality, organization, accessibility and sharing of spatial information. The INSPIRE Directive therefore aims to organize the provision of this information leaning on the Member States’ infrastructure so that users, decision makers and citizens can easily have access to reliable information.
The platform SIIF ERU (Structured Implementation and Information Framework) was introduced during the 2016 Conference on INSPIRE , held in Barcelona in last September. Once the national dataset on sanitation validated (the one which is reported to the European Commission every two years) and loaded on the SIIF platform, the system allows automated calculations of conformity, a map viewing, the elaboration of individual sheets for each urban area, water treatment plants, discharge area. It is thus possible to easily create a thematic portal on sanitation, and to adjust it to its own needs.
Developed by the International Office for Water, in collaboration with the Austrian Environment Agency (UBA), this SIIF contributes to improve the implementation of the Directive ERU and to reduce the administrative burden, by automating and making easier this visualization and access, while enabling to meet efficiently the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive.
The platform SIIF ERU was introduced during a plenary session whose theme was "INSPIRE for Environment: filling the implementation gaps", in which were highlighted the active dissemination and shaping of information through the platform during a thematic session called "INSPIRE: an essential infrastructure for the water community? ", the functional aspects of the platform SIIF ERU were presented, complemented by a feedback from Romanian users. The European Commission also introduced its prospects for the future: integration among national and European systems, multi-functional tools for everyone. The SIIF concept has gradually to be applied to all Directives related to water.
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TheSIIF ERU Pilots platforms:

• Ireland - Ireland UWWTD SIIF

• Cyprus - Cyprus UWWTD SIIF
• Lithuania - Lithuania UWWTD SIIF
• Slovenia - Slovenia UWWTD SIIF
• Croatia - Croatia UWWTD SIIF
• Romania - Romania UWWTD SIIF
• Poland - Poland UWWTD SIIF
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