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Sciences-Policy Interface (SPI) From theory to practice...

IOWater is involved in raising awareness of issues on the transfer of research results by coordinating or participating in many Science-Policy Interface (SPI) demonstration projects: IWRM-net, IWRM-net SCP, Water Diss, Water RtoM...
IOWater also facilitates the European Water Community (EWC) virtual platform.
A dedicated CIS-SPI action was conducted as part of the WFD Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) and coordinated by ONEMA and the DG Environment between 2010 and 2012.
As part of this activity, IOWater is field testing the recommended SPI methods, taking into account the needs of water managers in an Irish pilot basin.
This pilot basin is located in the Eastern River Basin District (ERBD). Three sites around Dublin were pre-identified as having challenges related to the implementation of the WFD and Flood Directive, especially for assessing Natural Water Retention Measures with an ecosystem approach.
The ”Community of Practitioners” met in October 2014 in Ireland. The testing of the method for scientific knowledge transfer took place between October and December to prepare a final report on the implementation of the recommendations in January 2015.

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