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Rwanda : Integrated management of water resources institutional component 2004 - 2005

The World Bank supported the Government of Rwanda in its focus on “water for growth” policy. i.e. integrated water resources management (IWRM) should also address “development” and become IWRM&D to support growth generating activities and remove bottlenecks for growth in the area of:
- Hydropower
- Rainfed and irrigated agriculture,
- Water supply services, and
- Private sector development.

IOWater was involved in the tasks dealing with “strengthening the capacity of water management (and development).

Under the leadership of BRL, IOWater assigned two senior experts in order to:
1. Audit and analyze all existent institutions of Rwanda,
2. Check and compare all kinds of existing regulations and laws,
3. Propose the framework of a new and comprehensive water legislation

A so-called water code “code de l’eau” was provided, with comments and different proposals for laws & regulations and necessary amendments.

A framework of a future river basin organization in relation with the Nile River Initiative was proposed.

Onglets principaux