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Poland : Support to the decentralised and participatory management of water resources 2002 - 2003

The project was implemented by the Water Management Office (BGE) under the aegis of the Ministry of the Environment, in partnership with the Polish Water Agencies (RZGWs) and Gdansk Water Foundation (GFW). It was financed by the French Ministries for Foreign Affairs and of Ecology and Sustainable Development.and took place from March 2002 to the end of 2003.

The activities aimed at helping in the decentralised implementation of the European directives:

- At the level of RZGWs : in particular a mission of two experts from the Seine-Normandy Water Agency in March 2003 on an economic analysis for the implementation of the Framework Directive and a visit of the Warsaw RZGW to the Adour-Garonne Water Agency in July.

- Through assistance to other local and regional Authorities: the implementation of the European Directives can only be effective if the regional and local stakeholders are informed and able to make the decisions needed in the areas under their responsibility. For this purpose, a 1-week study tour was organised in France in October 2003 for about thirty participants from the Environmental Directorates, Voivoidships and regions, and Polish local Authorities.

- Through methodologies for developing an on-line information service: a meeting was held in November 2003 in Limoges to analyse the possibility of developing a service such as "C@rtel-water" in Poland.

Onglets principaux