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Moldova : Analysis of priority options for water governance

More than twenty years after the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Moldova is still facing considerable challenges.
For more than 13 years, Swiss Cooperation has supported the development of innovative and decentralized water supply and sanitation services. Thanks to this help, access to drinking water was improved for more than 40.000 people in Moldova.
In this context, IOWater was selected by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova (SDC/SCO-M), in collaboration with the Coordination Office for Technical Cooperation of the Austrian Embassy (ADA), in order to conduct an in-depth analysis of the situation and present recommendations for action focusing on:
  • Developing a water information mana gement system, that provides complete and reliable data to the e-governance platform,
  • Promoting integrated water resources management, according to the provisions of the new water law;
  • Organizing capacity building and training aimed at implementation of a newly adjusted regulatory framework on water supply and sanitation.
Coordinated by IOWater, 2 French and 2 Austrian experts realized a first mission between 14 and 20 September 2014, in order to analyze the situation and identify the priority needs and concrete actions that could be implemented in the coming years with SDC and ADA support on these 3 topics.
The mission report was presented and discussed during a national workshop organized on 22 October 2014 in Chisinau.  

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