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Mekong Youth Declaration

We, as Mekong youth, strongly believe:
  • In the power of communication to catalyze change in our society and promote our Mekong Identity. Through our creativity, we will use communication to educate citizens on the water issues in our region.
  • That increased cooperation will lead to reach sustainable development. We agree to strengthen cooperation among the public and private sector and civil society to ensure the inclusion of all needs and opinions.
  • In sharing our knowledge and experiences about the Mekong. We will establish the Mekong Youth Environment Network (MekongYEN) that will serve as a platform for cooperation, capacity-building and intergenerational dialogues.
  • That participation will improve water resources management. We will identify key water messages from the region and ensure that they are heard in policy discussions and national, regional, and global platforms such as the 7th World Water Forum.
  • In the ability of young people to achieve concrete and positive change on the ground. We will support youth by facilitating access to small grants and mentorship to accelerate implementation of community-based projects in the Mekong River Basin.
  • That education and raising public awareness are ones of the most efficient ways to change behaviors of children, youth, and local communities in both rural and urban areas on water conservation and waste reduction. We will organize creative competitions for producing awareness materials.
Our passion and commitments for our basin will last long. We invite you to work with us, the Mekong Youth. With your support, our vision of the Mekong will come true.  

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