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Mali : Training at SOMAGEP

The Malian Drinking Water Supply Management Company (SOMAGEP) is a new company established by the sectoral reform in the field of water and electricity in Mali. It is responsible for operating and managing the DWS facilities and has 18 centers in the country. Its missions focus on urban areas of more than 10,000 inhabitants.
”SOMAGEP” has launched an ambitious program to strengthen its employees’ skills on water issues.
For such a purpose, ”SOMAGEP” requested IOWater to carry out training sessions on the issues of pipe laying out in Bamako in 2014.
Several ”SOMAGEP” engineers also plan to attend training courses in Limoges; including on water meter management and on improving the performance of drinking water supply systems.
Messrs. Abdul Aziz Traore, Director of the support center, and Boubacar Idrissa Maiga, Director of water supply at ”SOMAGEP”, visited IOWater’s National Water Training Center (NWTC) in August 2014.
This visit helped to define areas for future collaboration that will focus on the following training topics: wiring and programming of micro automatons, cleaning of reservoirs and waterworks, soldering of Polyethylene pipes, metrology, counting, follow-up of a contract of public service delegation, organization of the service, mechanical maintenance (pump, booster,...) and water treatment in a plant.

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