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Macedonia : Institutional capacity building and Improvement of Legislation

IOWater is implementing, in partnership with Ramboll, a technical assistance project for capacity building of the Ministry for the Environment of Macedonia, in order to develop and apply the legislation on water.
The project, of a 2-year duration, is funded by the European Union.
IOWater is in charge of carrying out 2 activities for the improvement of the legislative framework for water resources management in Macedonia, and the development of the 4 first elements of a Management Plan for the main basin of the country, that of the Vardar River, thanks to the intervention of two long-term experts on site and assistance with short-term expert missions.
A thorough analysis of the Macedonian legislation for water management was conducted to identify discrepancies with the obligations of the various European water-related Directives.
Recommendations for amending the texts of current law were proposed and additions will be prepared later on in the project.
The four initial elements to be developed for the Vardar River Basin Plan include:
  • Characterization of Water Bodies in the basin;
  • Identification of pressures on water bodies;
  • Mapping of protected areas;
  • Development of a Monitoring Plan.
One of the priority objectives of the project is also the on-the-job training and capacity building of the staff of the Water Department of the Macedonian Ministry for the Environment.  

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