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Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC): Water Charter of the Basin

The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC), established in 1964, is mandated to carry out sustainable and fair management of the lake, its tributaries and other shared resources in the basin. It is also in charge of the conservation of ecosystems, of peacekeeping and cross-border security.
The “Lake Chad Conservation project - Contribution to the Lake Development Strategy”, funded by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) has two components: one related to joint expertise and modeling, implemented by the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), and the other related to the entry into force of the Water Charter and the strengthening of relationships with other LCBC Basin Organizations, implemented by the International Office for Water (IOWater).
The activities carried out by IOWater focus on the preparation of the Annexes to the Charter, the stakeholders’ awareness raising for its ratification, but also of the UN Convention of 1997, and the establishment of strategies on the relationships between LCBC and its partners.
Four workshops were organized to inform about the Water Charter and the 1997 Convention, as well as a study tour to Paris of LCBC experts. On this occasion, they attended a debriefing meeting organized by the FFEM.
A workshop will be organized in early 2015 to share experiences and the strengthening of LCBC relations with other transboundary basin organizations. A communication brochure for parliamentarians is being developed to support the ratification of the Water Charter.
The achievement of this project will allow strengthening the legal and institutional framework of the LCBC, to ensure better management of water resources in the basin, and thus improve the well-being of people.  

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