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IOWater and Public Works Companies

For several years, IOWater has helped public works companies by training their staff.
The first training sessions, realized during inter-company courses in Limoges and La Souterraine centers, focused on drinking water supply systems.
The needs were initialy centered on the hydraulics of drinking water supply systems, pipe laying and construction of drinking water supply systems, or electro-welding of polyethylene pipes.
More specialized companies also requested training on drinking water production, wastewater treatment, the sizing and maintenance of pumping facilities, operation and maintenance of sewerage systems or self-monitoring.
Today, in view of technical, regulatory and market developments, Public Works Companies are moving towards the safety of their staff and stormwater management.
Safety: companies are interested in the safety of their employees working in confined spaces.
Stormwater: trainees mainly participated in intra-company training sessions on urban hydrology, integrated stormwater management and the sizing of water storage structures and systems (dry or water-filled basins, open or underground tanks, with light cellular structures ... flashings, infiltration wells, green roofs...), in new development projects and new legislative and regulatory context.  

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