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Integrated management of the Nakanbé in Burkina and the White Volta in Ghana

IOWater is coordinating the project for support to the Nakanbé Water Agency (AEN), initiated in 2011 with the help of the French Loire-Brittany Water Agency (AELB).
As a first phase of this partnership had been successful, the second phase was launched in 2014 and started with the reception of a delegation of three ”AEN” members in France.
For 10 days, these experts in planning, funding and water quality monitoring have been able to ”immerse themselves” in the ”AELB”, with regard to the implementation of the ”SDAGE” (Basin Management Plan), water treatment and protection of the resource.
A documentary film about the role of elected officials in resources management in the Nakanbé Basin was also made in Burkina Faso and will be screened at the 7th World Water Forum in Korea.
The process of establishing the Nakanbé Basin Management Plan is underway: one of the challenges for 2015 is to support ”AEN” in this process and help it to prepare its implementation.
As the “White Volta” is a transboundary river, a link was established with the Water Resources Commission in Ghana and more specifically with the White Volta Basin Board, which covers the lower Nakanbé River Basin. A mission of ”AELB” and IOWater took place in Accra in May 2014 to share planning and financing issues with the Ghanaian partners, in partnership with the Volta Basin Authority  

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