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Information - Documentation - Data Management : Informing citizens about the status of water and aquatic environments

 IOWater yearly contributes to the national programs for the management and synthesis of data on resources, water quality, pollution, biodiversity and the protection of aquatic environments.
In 2014, its experts produced, with the financial support of ONEMA, educational documents on the sales of phytosanitary products, on the concentrations of nitrates from agricultural sources in rivers and groundwater, and on the Water Development and Management Plans (SAGE).
These documents are intended for raising the stakeholders’ awareness on the need to preserve and restore aquatic environments, but also to promote activities undertaken for achieving Good Status of Water Bodies.
The ”SAGEs” are 20 years old
For twenty years, the Water Development and Management Plans (SAGE), planning tool for local water management, has evolved to adapt to environmental and legal changes. In France, it has become a key tool for ensuring sound and sustainable water resources management and integrating this issue into regional planning. Who develops it? What are the steps? What is its added value? The synthesis answers these questions...
Nitrates in rivers and groundwater
On the occasion of the conference on ”Nitrates in Waters in 2014”, organized by the European Scientific Association for Water and Health (ASEES) on 22 and 23 May 2014 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lyons, IOWater presented, with ONEMA, the results of the last monitoring campaign on nitrate concentrations in aquatic environments, which ran from 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011 in Metropolitan France and Overseas Departments.
These findings, reported to the European Commission by the Ministry of the Environment, are also available in a bulletin published on the portal for access to public information and data on water and aquatic environments

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