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iMoMo: inovative Monitoring and Modeling of water

Since the beginning of 2014, IOWater has been collaborating in Central Asia to the iMoMo project, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).
Quick advancements in low-cost sensor and communication technology, hardware and software integration, open up new perspectives for water data collection and exchange, analysis and knowledge dissemination.
The activities, launched in Central Asia in the pilot Chu River Basin, transboundary between Kirghizstan and Kazakhstan, have 3 components:
  • Improvement of water and financial accountability of Water User Associations (WUAs), with the installation of low-cost monitoring devices at the level of 2 pilot WUAs;
  • Establishment of a Water Information System (WIS) in the Chu River Basin, connected to existing databases and using technologies for sharing data/information to meet the need of better knowledge of water balances of the river and irrigation canals;
  • Modeling of an operational, webdeployed water balance for forecasting vegetation season flows, based on remotely-sensed snow cover analysis.
Considering the significant results obtained on each of these 3 components via interoperability development and modeling, it is already planned to expand this project in 2015 to other basins in Kyrgyzstan and at transboundary level in Central Asia.  

Onglets principaux