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Haiti :"DINEPA"appropriates the National Technical Reference Frame for DWSS

One year ago, the National Directorate of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in Haiti (DINEPA) launched the National Technical Reference Frame for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (RTN).
This important document was written by IOWater in cooperation with stakeholders in the water sector in Haiti.
It is a powerful tool for ”DINEPA” to fulfill the basic tasks of sector regulation. Everyone knows now where to find the minimum requirements to be met in Haiti for each water and sanitation technique and facility. But for such a document - of nearly 3,000 pages! - a mere "launching" is not enough: professionals have wished to be trained to learn how to use the Reference Frame, have a thorough view of its contents and know how to explain it concretely to their professional networks in the field.
In March and June 2014, IOWater organized this ”RTN dissemination” to about a hundred professionals, under the supervision of an independent consultant commissioned by ”DINEPA”. The ”DINEPA” teams in Port au Prince were directly concerned by this release, but also its "field" services and the Haitian sector of higher education and vocational training.
This assignment ended with a series of IOWater-facilitated webseminars to open knowledge of RTN to a wider audience. The writing of the RTN was funded by UNICEF, but its ”dissemination” was supported by Swiss Cooperation and the Inter-American Development Bank.
The dissemination of RTN remains today to be done for audiences who do not know it enough yet, but also for public works companies, suppliers, service providers, municipalities, donors, NGOs,... The steering committee of the project will identify priority target groups and define a strategy for training Haitian trainers on RTN.  

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