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A glossary on water and aquatic environments

The glossary on water and aquatic environments is a common tool for the partners of the French Water Information System (WIS).
It results from the pooling of fifty glossaries since 2010, in order to develop a semantic data model.
It includes about 1,100 terms currently available in English, French and Spanish.
This is a ”collaborative” website, any user can propose to amend it, delete some words or add others. Proposals are evaluated by a group of users, WIS partners. The website content is entirely free and reusable. It is also in line with the ”linked data” dynamics, which aims to promote the publication of structured data on the Web using semantic technologies.
Current efforts are based on the linking of the glossary terms with Wikipedia articles (DBpedia) and the GEMET thesaurus.
IOWater added approximately 300 Glossary terms in 2014. As IOWater was anxious to make it a more interactive Glossary, more game-like interfaces, based on relationship graphs, were established for the general public and, for specialists, a SPARQL query interface (fr.wikipedia. org / wiki / SPARQL) will allow exploring, recovering or viewing the contents of the glossary.  

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