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The French National Water Training Center : Certificate of Competence for Working in Confined Spaces

IOWater organizes qualification training courses for personnel conducting operations in confined spaces, as is the case of many drinking water supply and sanitation facilities.
In 2013, IOWater was the first organization approved by the French National Institute for Research and Security (INRS) to provide training to prepare for the Certificate of Competence for Working in Confined Spaces (CATEC® in French).
Originally imposed to private companies specializing in water, these measures are now being adopted by communities which chose IOWater-FNWTC to train their staffs. In a starting phase of the new system, enterprises and communities, wishing to train a large number of staffs, choose the in-company formula on their own site.
The peculiarity of FNWTC is also to offer inter-company training sessions in its training unit at La Souterraine: a true simulator of the real situations encountered.
Recognizing the competence and remarkable equipment used by FNWTC for training in confined spaces, construction companies, metallurgy industry, realizing the maintenance of pressure pipe-lines, have relied on IOWater to train their staff, or also to participate in the development of their response procedures in the absence of any specific reference frame.
IOWater-FNWTC also runs training sessions for executives and prevention specialists to organize interventions and raise the people’s awareness of their responsibilities.  

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