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The French National Water Training Center: Capacity building for better water management

In 2014, the French National Water Training Center (FNWTC) of the International Office for Water trained more than 6,000 trainees from the water, waste and environment sectors.
In its two centers, in Limoges and La Souterraine, IOWater-FNWTC thus trains every year professionals, anxious to perfect their knowledge and technical skills on the unique IOWater educational units.
Every year, it also trains some 2,000 professionals directly on their workplace and in their own facilities. In this context, training may be complemented by an audit of the installations and technical support.
The FNWTC training offer is designed, organized and delivered to answer the questions of professionals related to technical and regulatory changes, but also to meet the needs linked to ongoing reorganizations and to the development of new activities.
Thus, field practitioners, technicians and engineers of drinking water supply, sanitation and waste utilities find at FNWTC all the training courses essential for good control and evolution of their work or position.
In addition to its usual training offer, proposed in the ”Water” catalogue, FNWTC has developed three other specific catalogues for several years:
  • ”Waste - Environment - Sustainable Development”;
  • ”Water in the industry”;
  • ”Water – Irrigation - Agriculture”.
“IOWater Days” have also been recurring meetings for several years, desi - gned for elected officials and technicians of municipalities and utilities.
They give the opportunity to learn from leading experts on current topics related to water, sanitation, waste, sustainable development.
The IOWater-FNWTC’s professional trainers, supplemented by the best experts as lecturers, design and deliver training programs based on existing case studies and putting the students in real working situation on educational facilities, reproducing working conditions, which are unique in France and Europe.
To support the development of vocational training in France and in the World, the FNWTC has developed training certification and “professional” curricula. The different modules, independently or in combination, provide a knowledge base and essential skills needed in a specific profession.
Evaluated by a jury of professionals, the participants in some of these courses obtain the ”International Office for Water qualification”.
Our training approach allows the participants to fully benefit from their training, their skills can be measured with tools proposed by IOWater to assess the knowledge acquired.
IOWater-FNWTC is certified ISO 9001, Version 2008, and has been certified to many French Quality labels.  

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