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The French National Water Training Center : 2015 Training program for "industry"and "Water - Irrigation and Agriculture"

For several years, the IOWater-FNWTC training program for industrialists has been regrou ped in a specific catalogue. In the catalogue for 2015, FNWTC proposes 64 training modules, divided into 82 training courses on the following topics:
  • Regulations, quality, security and the environment: Classified Installations for Environmental Protection, water abstractions and effluent discharges, analysis of water quality, validity of analyses of industrial wastewater, operation and maintenance of sensors and self-monitoring systems, hygiene and safety, pollution removal on polluted sites, etc.
  • Drilling, pumping, maintenance and automation: operating a borehole, choice and installation of a pump, equipment maintenance, wiring and automation programming.
  • Water production and distribution: production of clean industrial water, water disinfection, water softening, water purification, ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis, boiler and cooling water, technical and health rules in internal systems.
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater and sludge treatment: design and sizing of facilities, operation of treatment plants, biogas recovery, reuse of treated water, use of membrane aeration reactors, treatment and recycling of sludge, operating a deodorization unit.
  • Effluent treatment in surface treatment processes.
  • Sustainable development, energy and waste: electric energy savings, strategy for the use of renewable energy, carbon footprint, sustainable development approach, chemical waste management in the laboratory, waste characterization and reduction.
Today, employees’ safety is a major issue in a company: in addition to professional knowledge and skills, knowledge and specific behaviors need to be learned and strengthened.
In this context, the IOWater-FNWTC catalogue offers, in 2015, 8 new training courses focusing on safety at work: Firstaid Officer, Personal Protective Equipment, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, prevention of risks related to manual handling, transportation of Dangerous Goods, awareness to explosive atmospheres through play, crewmember for first fire response.
The FNWTC also expands its training curriculum for qualification, proposed in response to regulatory requirements and needs for validation of professional skills: sampling of hazardous substances in the environment, handling of chlorine in bottles...
Since 2013, the IOWater-FNWTC has been proposing a catalogue specifically addressed to professionals in irrigation and agriculture, with 18 training modules, divided into 26 sessions on the topics:
  • Design and sizing of irrigation systems.
  • Management and operation of irrigation systems.
  • Water resources for agriculture.
  • Treatment and recovery of agricultural effluents.
Precise management of water resources, reuse of agricultural effluents, control of land application ... are matters that require specialized skills and trained and qualified professionals.
In 2015, FNWTC has included one new course in the catalogue:
  • Control of land application of agricultural liquid manure.

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