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El Salvador Assistance to Project Management: Jucuaran wastewater treatment plant

The Interdepartmental Syndicate for Sanitation of Greater Paris (SIAAP) sought IOWater in project management assistance for checking the sizing and design of the future wastewater treatment plant of the Jucuaran municipality in El Salvador.
Jucuaran is a town of about 13,000 people located south-east of El Salvador. The project was developed by a local Salvadoran consulting firm.
It plans for a rustic wastewater treatment system adapted to local conditions and based on the following treatment processes: manual pretreatment, primary clarifier, trickling filter and clarifier, filtration with sand filter, chlorination.
The sludge treatment is based on anaerobic digestion followed by the drying of sludge on drying beds.
The analysis of this project made by IOWater identified areas for improvement, both regarding the selected sizing bases and the design of the treatment plant.
These recommendations were presented in a workshop gathering representatives of SIAAP, of the Salvadoran consulting firm and of the Jucuaran municipality and IOWater experts.  

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