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Colombia : Support to the development of Water Information Systems

A reform process is underway in Colombia to improve water resources management.
This process includes, among other things, the short-term development of strategic plans for 5 major hydrographic regions of the country: Magdalena-Cauca, Caribbean, Pacific, Orinoco, Amazon.
To support this reform, IOWater is implementing an institutional cooperation project, funded by the French Adour Garonne Water Agency, which includes:
  • An institutional and methodological as sistance to the preparation of the Rio Magda lena- Cauca Strategic Plan;
  • A support to the improvement of the needed data management;
  • A more local component seeking to improve industrial pollution control in the Bogota River.
Year 2014 mainly focused on the ”data management” component. After a step of exchange of experience on water information systems and of assessment of the Colombian partners’ needs, a series of recommendations was presented, in particular to improve interoperability between the various national and regional information systems.
The French experience in terms of creating language/common reference frames and improving interoperability between existing water information systems, seems quite suitable for the integration of the regional data required by the Regional Water Resources Assessment Program (ERA).
The broad lines for action have thus been identified to develop products of common interest for improving data interoperability in the context of the Cundinamarca ERA.  

Onglets principaux