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CICOS - Towards the SDAGE - Strategic planning in the Congo River Basin

The International Commission of the Congo-Ubangi-Sangha Basin (CICOS), which was mandated by its Member States to ensure sustainable development in the region through a fair and consistent water resources management in the basin, has developed a Master Plan for Water Development and Management (SDAGE). Given the hugeness of its basin (3.8 Mkm2) CICOS wanted to start the process of developing the SDAGE on two fundamental bases:
  • Good SDAGE ownership, ensuring the participation of the basin’s stakeholders and water users;
  • The creation of a hydrological modeling to better understand the functioning of the river basin and its possible resource allocations.
Two projects are going to support this initiative:
  • Project for support to water resources management in the Congo River Basin financed by the European Union and managed by IOWater. This project includes a training cycle on operational hydrology for the National Hydrological Services (NHS) and CICOS, and support to the implementation of the participatory component of the SDAGE;
  • Project for monitoring water resources and prospects for the Congo Basin, funded by the French Global Environment Facility and managed by CICOS with a technical assistance from the French Development Agency. A component corresponds to the development of a resources allocation model on the basin scale. These bases being completed by early 2015, the SDAGE then will be initiated with the objective of giving people what they really need in a shared and sustainable manner, respectful of the environment.

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