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Burkina Faso : Accompanying Measures to the DWSS Sectoral Budgetary Support

The Burkinabe Authorities have established the main regulations for the development and modernization of the drinking water supply and sanitation sector:
  • 1998: Guidance material on decentralization;
  • 2004: General Code of Local Authorities;
  • 2009: Transfer of responsibilities and resources from the Government to Municipalities in the DWSS sector.
Under the DWSS Sectoral Support, financed by German Cooperation, KfW provides funds to Burkina Faso for:
  • The implementation of water supply and sanitation structures and support to stakeholders in the handling of new installations;
  • The capacity building of the stakeholders in sustainable management of the structures and in the quality insurance system, in connection with the planning and implementation of investments.
In this context, the RODECO-IOWater Group was selected for a project of technical assistance to the National Office for Water Supply and Sanitation (ONEA). The activities undertaken in November 2014 were organized for a fifteen-month period with two main components:
  • Building of capacities and skills through the vocational training of 550 employees;
  • Establishment of a quality system in connection with the planning and implementation of investments.  

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