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Benin : New mechanics in hydraulics at "SONEB"

The National Water Company of Benin (SONEB) is managing drinking water supply and sanitation in urban areas all over Benin. For many years, it has had its own training center: the WTC.
All ”SONEB” employees undergo training there, especially mechanics in hydraulics, who are somehow the kingpins of the company operation: highly versatile, they may even be required to manage a treatment facility, or to talk to the customers.
However, there is an urgent need to strengthen the existing teams of mechanics in hydraulics, as many retirements are planned in the coming years.
In this context, ”SONEB” decided, under a program of support to the sector of drinking water supply and sanitation funded by German Cooperation - GIZ, to ask IOWater to update the training curriculum to help train these new teams of mechanics in hydraulics. The same work was requested for water supervisors.
A mission to Benin helped describing the frames of reference of the jobs and skills of mechanics in hydraulics and supervisors to effectively integrate the Benin context of these professions.
IOWater experts could draft training reference frames, listing the theoretical and practical contents to be transmitted to trainees: two one-year training curricula, including basic technical skills identified in the field, but also capacities to build, such as computing, communication or even the English language.  

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